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Claudia Wells - actress and owner of Armani Wells - is known for the iconic role she played in ‘Back To The Future’ as Jennifer Parker, Michael J. Fox’ present day girlfriend in the original ‘Back To The Future’ movie.


Claudia is also known for dressing the most stylish men in Los Angeles. She uses her finely tuned fashion sense to help men discover their individual style. Claudia provides a very personalized service for her customers.  


Armani Wells' vast array of fine clothing is the best money can buy and yet attainable at a fraction of the original cost…a good 60% - 80% less than retail value.​


Oftentimes these designer items are new and termed “resale” because they were previously sold at far more expensive stores and never worn. At Armani Wells, the apparel is re-sold, hence the term "resale".  Suits, blazers, jackets, shirts, ties, overcoats, leather/suede jackets, and accessories are either brand new or current, pre-owned items in excellent condition. Only select pieces are chosen for sale at Armani Wells.

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