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Customer Testimonials...


Congressman Jimmy Gomez wearing a Gucci polo shirt he purchased from Armani Wells. 

“ Your store made me super elegant. I can’t thank you enough!!!!”


...I highly recommend visiting Claudia at her store. Not only is she just the kindest soul, she is warm, welcoming, and has great fashion sense and is happy to help guys like me who don't know the first thing about dress clothes. Plus, she embraces her fame related to Back to the Future and doesn't mind if you fanboy a little while you're shopping . I can't wait to have a reason to head back and shop again some day soon!!  - Read More -

- John B., San Diego, CA on Yelp, 1/30/21

Guys, you have to look good for an important event?  You don't have a clue what to wear?  Go down to see Claudia at Armani Wells, and tell her what you are looking for.  I did that last night and she handed me a Tom Ford shirt that fit perfectly and looked great, Armani jeans that fit perfectly and looked great, a pair of shoes that were too big and we put back and a pair of Gucci loafers that for perfectly and looked great.  I went out for the event and looked great...

- Ned B., Studio City, CA on Yelp, 2/9/20

"I just bought a fantastic new suit at Armani Wells that owner Claudia Wells picked out for me. Also two awesome shirts to wear with the suit. Claudia is very talented at finding men a great new look, a style that will get you noticed everywhere you go."

- Corby W. on Yelp, 06/07/20

"...A great and fun experience!  And now I feel like a rockstar with a STYLIN' new suit!
Thank you Claudia!!!"
- Neil D. on Yelp, 01/28/2020   |   Producer/director - Robots of Awesome

"...I no longer wear anything in any public event I care about that I didn't get from Claudia at Armani Wells."

- Ned M. on Yelp, 02/09/20

"First time here!  Wow great find & Claudia is amazing.  Will be the future!"
- Joe G. on Yelp, 01/22/2020

"...Armani Wells brand is all about you dressing the high quality guys and giving them priceless value. No one can replace your vibe.  It is so rare to have that time with you and be dressed by a real Pro."

-Long time Armani Wells Customer

"Claudia is Awesome! Just come and guaranteed you'll love it! You have nothing to lose, it is worth it. High-end men's fashion at a fraction of the insanely high prices..."
- Moses G. on Yelp, 10/11/2019

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When I learned of Armani Wells, I filed it in the back of my head for the day I had an excuse to visit. Finally, I found that excuse when it was time to get me a new suit! I emailed her and set up an appointment (at the time of this review, she's open a few days a week for walk-ins and appointments because of COVID). I made the trek up a couple days ago from San Diego, and am so glad I did! 

I admit I was apprehensive. Could I possibly afford anything in her store? Why not just go to a big retail store locally? Is this only because I want to fanboy? I went, figuring at the least, it would be a fun adventure in this time of being cooped up...


I arrived, and squeezed my truck into the parking in the rear (plenty of room for cars and SUVs, my truck fit but if you drive some crazy big truck like a  long bed it'll be tight...plenty of meter parking though), and headed to the front of her shop. She was inside tidying up and I waved to her, and she came and unlocked the door. I appreciate her consciousness about COVID, and she told me she likes to make sure she is able to monitor who enters for mask purposes. We got right to work shopping for what I needed, while chit chatting about life, the weather, what I needed my suit for, and some fanboy stuff. She is an absolutely lovely soul and made my apprehensions disappear immediately! I felt so comfortable and wish I could have stayed and just chit chatted with her for hours. She helped me pick out a few things (read: she picked them out for me. I'm an absolute goober with this stuff), and I tried it on, and we talked about fit, ways to wear the clothes, and tailoring options.

After we picked out a suit and an awesome corduroy jacket, we left the store together and popped down to her local tailor to discuss prices, and we even popped into the local shipping/postal store to inquire on cost to ship the items to me if I chose to get tailored right there (I chose to go ahead and get it done locally to me to save on shipping). The personal service was amazing. I truly felt like I was shopping with a friend! After all was said and done, I have a new suit and a jacket I now need a reason to wear, and I saved a ton of money! A few of the items still have their tags on them, and the rest honestly have no signs of being worn. I looked up the retail prices afterward and was shocked! Never, ever, in a million years would this blue-collar worker imagine owning such wonderful clothes! I mean this sincerely!...

- John B., San Diego, CA on Yelp

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